Game Audio Lab featured at AES conference on games! (London, Feb 2009)
Nonlinear and adaptive systems for sound and music in games are gaining popularity due to their potential to enhance the game experience. This article is about the Game Audio Lab: a framework for academic purposes which enables research and rapid prototyping of nonlinear sound for games. It enables researchers and designers to map composite variables and adapt sound and music design in real-time during active game play.

About the presentation:
7-2: Game Audio Lab - An Architectural Framework for Nonlinear Audio in Games (Track Real-Time Synthesis, Friday 13th February 16h20).
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We have collected some video examples that illustrate the system. Go to the youtube examples or download these examples as mov:
Please note: as these demonstrations are tweaked to suit actual gameplay, the differences are quite subtle. Here's a more exaggerated Youtube video showing how the level of succes (LoS) influences the sound of the weapon.

Download the presentation as PDF (© Kees Went, Sander Huiberts and Richard van Tol, Music Design Research Group, The Netherlands).